[MUD-Dev] Re: MUD Design doc (long)

Mik Clarke mikclrk at ibm.net
Fri Jan 8 15:36:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Nathan F Yospe wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Mik Clarke wrote:
> :This can be done by adding 'smellable' objects to rooms in the same
> :fashion as 'examinable' objects are added. Diku/ROM uses extra
> :descriptions - with a little rewiring the same mechanism can also do
> :smell, listen, touch and taste (although the effects for touch and taste
> :might be a bit more complicated).
> This *should* be done by making the root object explicitely "scentless",
> and deriving doors and such from them, and by actually having props when
> you have descriptions. (Of course, I'm biased, as props are all that can
> be done under my own design.) If you can smell it, you should be able to
> pluck it, burn it, trample it, and fertilize it.

Yes and no.  Props take more resources (and more builder time) than 2 or
3 line extra descriptions tagged onto a room.  Using the descriptions
you can make a detailed (and explorable) description for a room or an
area that is much more efficient than one that has 5 or 6 props standing
around in each room just to add background flavour.  I tend to use props
only for game significant items.

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