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>> I'd be lying if I pretended getting something into Koster's
>> laws isn't one
>> of my primary motivations in many of my posts on this list.
>I hesitate to ask how many others on the list have this as a motivation!

Recognition is something I've noticed as a nearly ubiquitous motivation
among programmers, especially game programmers and shareware developers.
Many of them would rather have fame than money. Of course, none of them
would kick cash out of bed, either, but what good is money if no one knows
you have it?

>> That said,
>> I'll fire off my current candidates and then go hide from the flying
>> tomatoes and cabbages. ;)
>This batch isn't going to get any tomatoes from me! At a glance, I'd say
>that I'm liable to include several of them.

Woohoo! :)

>Do you want your name to
>have an email link to it as well, and do you have specific muds with
>which you are associated listed? :)

Email links are fine, and my current project is a port of Garth Bigelow's
early 90's BBS door game Ultimate Universe under exclusive license.

>Let's argue about them first,
>though, since this is a *discussion* list after all. :)

Sounds good to me. ;)

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