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>> The theory of player relativity:
>> No statistic has meaning without comparison.
>> How benchmarks are built:
>> When no measure of quality is readily provided, a measure of quality will
>> invented
>> Peek-a-boo:
>> If the player cannot see it, it does not exist.
>I feel this contradicts with the previous two.  Is that deliberate or am I
>missing something?

They build on each other. Consider a game which exposes no statistics to the
player, and the following applications of the laws.

Peek-a-boo: The player cannot see a measure of quality, so he concludes that
there is none.

Relativity: A measure of quality will only be acceptable if it can be
applied to others. Therefore he mentally constructs one or more such
measures privately.

Benchmarks: He selects one which makes him look good. Others who look good
under it support this. It *becomes* the measure of quality by sheer weight
of numbers, in the absence of other measures which garner greater support.

In such a way, the game now has *obvious* levels, even though someone could
have found the existing ones with his pedant and magnifying glass had he
wanted to invest the effort. ;)

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