[MUD-Dev] Re: META: list "peerage"

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA
Wed Jan 20 20:11:33 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

[Koster, Raph:]

 >Little things like saying, "I was trading offlist emails with soNso last
 >night &..." reinforce the sense of elite (particularly if the soNso is JCL).
 >Working for a commercial endeavor seems to. If I had to build a peerage
 >list, I'd pretty quickly dump in names like Chris Gray, Dr Cat, Nathan
 >Yospe, Jon Lambert, you, Marian Griffith, Ola--and more, but I will stop
 >now--and I imagine that anyone else building such a list would probably
 >arrive at a similar list. It's worth asking, how much of the nature of the
 >list is said people sitting in a room and a lot of people eavesdropping? And
 >is that the list we want it to be?

I must admit to feeling a little less-than-peer when seeing some of the
mentions of off-list emails. However, I can only blame myself for that
lack - I'm really quite inactive in terms of MUD goings-on. I like to
think I can occasionally contribute to some conversations, if only by
putting in the effort to read posts that I know something about. Most
of the lurkers, I expect, know more about MUDs, at least from a player
point of view, than I do - I've played other people's MUDs for a total
of about 5 hours! I'm just a somewhat experienced programmer who got
the write-a-MUD bug and did so. If I hadn't been invited to the early
form of this list, I doubt if I would have ever even found it! I sometimes
wonder why JCL doesn't punt me from the posters list for my many inane
postings like this one - must be deferrence to my age!

 >Is it possible we're too snooty a
 >research institution to delve into that just because we see ANSI color as a
 >topic beneath us?)
 >How many
 >times have we seen threads die with a "The answer to is in the archives at
 >this link: http://...."?

:-) I'm much too lazy to go look, but we did actually discuss ANSI colour
at some point. Someone asked about ANSI codes, and got a few replies
with tables of ANSI codes, etc. :-)

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