[MUD-Dev] Reset Death

Wes Connell wconnell at eden.com
Mon Jan 25 10:54:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

This is an idea I had for a mud I'm working on. The idea may be old or
already done, but i've never heard about it so here it goes.

In diku muds everyone knows that mobs/objects are regenerated via resets.
Kill a mob and *pop* 5 minutes later its back. Steal a sword and *pop* its
back. This obviously gets very boring and redundant. The idea I had
revolves around a term called "reset death". In each area there are key
mobs, objects, or rooms that can trigger the reset death. When the reset
death occurs it stops reload the current set of mobs/objects and begins
loading a different set of mobs/objects. Maybe even separate room
descriptions (this would be hell on area builders). Try out this scenario.


Evil General RandomName1 rules an area from his castle.
The castle loads guards, furniture, etc.
The land around the castle is pretty and peaceful because Evil General
    RandomName1 is really just a sweet guy at heart. Even though he likes
    to loot and plunder.
Everything but the General resets normally.

A group of adventurers take up a job from Good King RandomName2 to raid
    the castle and kill the Evil General.
The group sneaks into the castle and kills a few guards then kills the
    General in his sleep.
This triggers the *reset death*.

>From this point on the area switches over to a separate set of mob/obj
In this scenario the castle would remain dead for a while allowing all
    straggling guards/etc. to be killed off. Then after a certain amount
    of time has passed the area switches over to yet another set of loads.
This new set contains a small colony of trolls who like the dungeons of
    the castle. At this time the area around the castle would be
    overgrown and gross.

Then yet another group of adventurers come in and kill off all the trolls
    clearing out the castle.
At this point Evil Crime Boss RandomName3 takes the castle and makes it
    his stronghold.
Thus beginning the cycle again.


Like I said this idea would be hell on area builders since they would have
to create at least 3 sets of mob/obj/resets/storylines for every area.
It would be very worthwhile though. 

Another idea that relates to this would be to have the
races/tribes/clans/whatever migrate across the mud. If a refugee group of
humans came across an empty castle they would take it. Of course this
raises concern for saving the state of a lot of objects throughout the

I'm done rambling now. Gimme some ideas, suggestions, flames. =]

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