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>I recall a recent promotion
>from one of those services (betterbox?) that offered a 'new
>mud account' complete with a precompiled version of the
>Diku-branch mud of your choice, obviously targeted at those
>so green that they don't even know where to find a stock mud
>and how to set it up.

To play devil's advocate: The compilation of a MUD on any given platform is
often a serious pain in the behind. Especially if the platform is weird. The
sysadmin is generally better qualified to compile the MUD than you are, and
presumably will do all the weirdness he needs to with the makefile so you
don't have to worry about the network and can concentrate on the game.

That's an interesting side issue... how big of an obstacle is the
compilation process? Do people find that the process of building the server
binary is a problem for most admins, or is it just one of those things that
you start not noticing anymore? I've always been lucky enough to have
platforms that compiled by the numbers, but I know a lot of people who
always seem to end up on some platform that is unbelievably weird and needs
forty thousand workarounds applied.

(Referring to Telmaron)
>They don't cram twenty muds onto a single machine -

At one time we had *thirty* on one machine... of course, perhaps Telmaron's
standard procedures have changed a bit. ;)

>I know of other services run in
>the same manner - friends have had excellent service from
>Godlike, among others.

I was Godlike's third customer. I'm very pleased with them. :)

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