[MUD-Dev] Re: Reset Death

Quzah Quzah
Mon Jan 25 15:42:45 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

From: Wes Connell <wconnell at eden.com>
Subject: [MUD-Dev] Reset Death

>back. This obviously gets very boring and redundant. The idea I had
>revolves around a term called "reset death". In each area there are key
>mobs, objects, or rooms that can trigger the reset death. When the reset
>death occurs it stops reload the current set of mobs/objects and begins
>loading a different set of mobs/objects. Maybe even separate room
>descriptions (this would be hell on area builders). Try out this scenario.

[scenario snipped]

>Like I said this idea would be hell on area builders since they would have
>to create at least 3 sets of mob/obj/resets/storylines for every area.
>It would be very worthwhile though. 
>Another idea that relates to this would be to have the
>races/tribes/clans/whatever migrate across the mud. If a refugee group of
>humans came across an empty castle they would take it. Of course this
>raises concern for saving the state of a lot of objects throughout the
>I'm done rambling now. Gimme some ideas, suggestions, flames. =]

Perhaps you could do something like:

O (vnum list) (number) (?)
M (vnum list) (number) (?)

Ok, I don't recall how exactally resets go off the top of my head, but
maybe something like this could work. (vnum list) would be a list of
all the vnums to possibly reset in this "reset" location. One would be
picked at random to repop here. This would give you a varried supply
of things, yet still give you control over what repops. Another way
to do it may be similar, but instead of having them be random you do
it like so instead:

O (vnum1 vnum2 vnumN) (number1 number2 numberN) (?1 ?2 ?N)

Now then it would pick a starting point ranging from 1-N or 0-(N-1)
and then cycle through the list either backwards or forewards in the
same pattern. (++ or -- of previous N) Something like so:

O (where_list) (what_list) (howmany_list) (?_list)

Where "where_list" is where to reset, what is what to reset, how many
is how many to put there, and ? is I think unused?

Anyway, it could look something akin to this:

M (room_200 room_202 room_201)(guard_a troll_a  dragon_a)(5 2 1)(???)
O (room_200 room_202 room_201)(chair   brambles hoard)   (6 2 1)(???)
O (room_200 NULL     room_201)(table   NULL     mag_swrd)(1 0 1)(???)

Then, say it starts with #2, the next reset death goes foreward in the
list. First, in room 202, 2 trolls load, with some brambles. Next,
in 201 a dragon would load with a hoard of gold and a magic sword. Next
5 guards load in room 200 with a table and six chairs. Is something
like that what you had in mind? True your builders would have to make
more objects, but rather than it being troublesome, they would get a
bit more power to set up better settings that vary from time to time.

One thing I was unclear of, would the creatures simply all vanish when
the king RandomNameX was killed, or would the zone wait until all of
the players were out of the zone to nuke itself?

Interesting idea, btw.


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