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Mon Jan 25 20:37:58 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Andy Cink wrote:

> At 02:19 PM 1/25/99 -0800, Matt(diablo at best.com) wrote:>

<my writing is snipped. I'm no Voltaire anyhow> 

> This all really just comes down to a difference in opinions. I take
> your point well that combat should consist of a lot more than damage.
> In my case, I want the mud to revolve around killing monsters. I like
> combat. I like charging into battle with a two handed sword and full
> plate, and hacking three kobolds in half with one huge swing. I want
> monsters to fight back as intelligently as possible, and have realistic
> skill sets and to fight using them. In my case, I don't enjoy fighting
> against other people, I enjoy hacking virtual automatons to bits,
> without worrying if I hurt someone else's feelings, or if they're mad
> at me now. I just prefer a virtual opponent :) But I want one who can
> make me feel challenged, where I worry what to do if he happens to
> cast the big bad spell of death.

> Making a very detailed PVP system and a very detailed mob combat
> system are different sides of the same coin. I don't know how
> well you can do one, without doing some degree of neglect to the
> other. With 120 class skills, various counters and such, writing
> up intelligent mobs could be a nightmare. And coding in intelligent
> PVP combat in a system where things are simpler to accomodate the
> intelligence of mobs could be equally nightmarish. So as I said,
> it comes down to a difference in ideals I think. But I enjoyed your
> points and agree that combat should be a lot more than just damage.
> Bravo :)

Yes, you are right in both ways: Detailed PvP systems and detailed mob
combat systems do seem to be exclusive of each other, and it is a matter
of opinion as to which you prefer. I guess I prefer PvP
because of the challenge. There is no way a mob is going to ever be as
interesting to fight as another player. The mob isn't going to
intelligently trade insults with me after the fight, and beating the mob
brings me no sense of accomplishment. I know there is another person
behind another player, and as Hegel said, dominating your fellow mankind
is (for better or for worse, I make not qualitative judgements here) one
of the greater pleasures in life.


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