[MUD-Dev] Re: Reset Death

Mik Clarke mikclrk at ibm.net
Mon Jan 25 21:41:54 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Wes Connell wrote:
> This is an idea I had for a mud I'm working on. The idea may be old or
> already done, but i've never heard about it so here it goes.
> In diku muds everyone knows that mobs/objects are regenerated via resets.
> Kill a mob and *pop* 5 minutes later its back. Steal a sword and *pop* its
> back. This obviously gets very boring and redundant. The idea I had
> revolves around a term called "reset death". In each area there are key
> mobs, objects, or rooms that can trigger the reset death. When the reset
> death occurs it stops reload the current set of mobs/objects and begins
> loading a different set of mobs/objects. Maybe even separate room
> descriptions (this would be hell on area builders). Try out this scenario.

Interesting.  That's sort of an effect I'm looking for, but I'm going
about it somewhat differently.

1) I have a quest/deed system that remebers when people have done

2) I have a conditional destination mechanism which can look at things
like deeds and quests when you walk through a door and thus select the
room that you go to.

This means that once you leave an area after completing a quest, when
you walk back in, you can end up somewhere different (although maybe
looking the same).  I'd expect special areas to be used on the quests
rather than forever after though.  It can also lighten the load on the
programmers if they just replace a few rooms in the castle (although
this can give problems for wandering mobs).


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