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Wes Connell wconnell at eden.com
Tue Jan 26 10:49:48 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Quzah [softhome] wrote:

[ my rambling snipped ]

> Anyway, it could look something akin to this:
> M (room_200 room_202 room_201)(guard_a troll_a  dragon_a)(5 2 1)(???)
> O (room_200 room_202 room_201)(chair   brambles hoard)   (6 2 1)(???)
> O (room_200 NULL     room_201)(table   NULL     mag_swrd)(1 0 1)(???)

Pretty cool format.

> Then, say it starts with #2, the next reset death goes foreward in the
> list. First, in room 202, 2 trolls load, with some brambles. Next,
> in 201 a dragon would load with a hoard of gold and a magic sword. Next
> 5 guards load in room 200 with a table and six chairs. Is something
> like that what you had in mind? True your builders would have to make
> more objects, but rather than it being troublesome, they would get a
> bit more power to set up better settings that vary from time to time.

That is much more what I had in mind. The area builders would have much
more control over the area. Perhaps even creating an almost dynamic
storyline (very basic storyline) to the area. One of the reasons I was
using RandomNameX was that perhaps the mud could insert a new name after
every life cycle of the area. Instead of fighting Evil General Bubba after
every area life cycle, the players would come up against a "different"
Evil General. It would be easy to make the aesthetics dynamic. 

> One thing I was unclear of, would the creatures simply all vanish when
> the king RandomNameX was killed, or would the zone wait until all of
> the players were out of the zone to nuke itself?

The idea I had was that when the reset death was triggered the area would
simply be dead of resets for a "while" ( a while being an imp configurable
amount of time ). During that time straggling mobs and objects could be
picked off or left. After the "while" was over the next set of resets
would begin popping in.


EG RandomName1 Rules the land...........dead boring land.........Mean
trolls control the area.........dead boring land..........Lord RandomName2
Rules the ladn.....etc.etc

*kinda messy*

But hopefully I made my point =]. The global effect that I was shooting
for with this is to avoid the problem of players sticking to specific
areas because of neato mobs that reset in that area. With the reset death
idea player would be forced to migrate to other areas for adventuring. I
hope at least.

> Interesting idea, btw.
> Quzah.


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