[MUD-Dev] Stock Mud Demographics

##Make Nylander thenewt at use.usit.net
Tue Jan 26 12:21:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

[Original message sent by Laurel Fan]
| Well, theoretically, the truly stock muds would not be able to attract
| any players.
	How about this theory:
	Stock MUDs tend to attract two kinds of players:
	1) Newbies, who don't know that the MUD is "stock"
	2) Veterans, who know that the MUD is "stock" and
	   have the knowledge and willingness to exploit
	   all known bugs and features to their advantage.
	The effect on player character demographics of this
	is that the MUD very soon has a large number of low
	level characters (clueless newbies) and an equally
	large number of very high level characters (veterans)
	and a large gap in between.
	Next, the veteran players, out of boredom or malice,
	will start harassing newbies (few stock MUDs offer
	effective admin tools to prevent this). Once newbies
	leave, the veterans either become bored or start harassing
	MUD admins. Either way, the stock MUD will eventually
	lose its player base and die.

I never regret my failures, but I regret every missed opportunity.

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