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>It's not whether they liked them or not that concerns me. They're not my
>customers and I haven't had any customers come tell me "I came to Achaea
>because I read a positive review on X".

If you read a good review of thus-and-such a thing, do you tell people when
you buy it that you bought it because of a review? I visit a lot of web
sites because I hear they're cool. Someone will say "hey, check out
www.unamerican.com for lots of cool bumper stickers" and off I go, but never
at any time do I say "hey, I heard a good review so here I am". I don't
think that happens with anything except movies and computer games.

Which leads into something we could actually discuss, instead of just
arguing about how long you should review a MUD or whether enough people
review them or whether they review them properly...

>From your own perspective, as a player, how long does it take you to decide
whether a MUD is worth playing? What makes the difference between a good MUD
and a bad MUD for *you*? (It's probably completely unproductive to try and
nail down what exactly a good or bad MUD is across the board. Maybe it would
be more productive here than elsewhere, but then again maybe not.)

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