[MUD-Dev] Re: Mud reviewing

David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Wed Jan 27 14:29:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On 1/27/99, at 11:21 PM, Richard Woolcock wrote: 

>A better question might be "how long does it take you to decide whether a
>is NOT worth playing?".
>I log onto a mud, and play until I decide it isn't worth playing any more.
>I don't quit after a couple of hours, I'll usually stay.  If the mud
>grab my attention within the first couple of minutes I'll usually just

The Game Commando's people spent a few days playing Discworld before they
wrote the review.  Without telling us of course :)  So they spent more than
just 4 hours.

They seem to be quite a good site, and I quite enjoyed their reviews.  Ilya
in particular writes very good fairly unbiased reviews.

Wombling down the hard path,

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