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>Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
>> From your own perspective, as a player, how long does it take you to
>> whether a MUD is worth playing?
>A better question might be "how long does it take you to decide whether a
>is NOT worth playing?".

I thought that was pretty obvious -- as long as it takes you to find
something you can't accept. Sometimes it's on the login banner. ("We will
delete your character if you piss us off! So watch it!" Up yours.) Sometimes
it's in the registration process. ("Please enter a credit card number." I
would accept this from a large commercial endeavour by a known quantity,
like UOL, but not from Joe Schmuck's UltraMUD.) Sometimes it's in the
character generation. ("Select your race" with no options listed.) Sometimes
it's as soon as you walk onto the grid. ("Boffo puts Fresh Jamaican Bud +2
into Enchanted Bong +4. Buffy cooks up China White +3." Nope! Not my kind of
place! SEE ya!) It's a lot easier to say when you're done with a bad MUD
than it is to say you're happy with a good one.

>I log onto a mud, and play until I decide it isn't worth playing any more.
>I don't quit after a couple of hours, I'll usually stay.  If the mud
>grab my attention within the first couple of minutes I'll usually just

That's pretty much how I work. I log onto a MUD, and if I'm still playing
after an hour I figure it's "good enough" even if I wouldn't necessarily
call it good.

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