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Quzah <Quzah> wrote:

> Personally, I want to add immortality to a mud. Not "I'm an IMM, I'm
> the boss of this mud!" type of immortality, but rather, more of a
> curse. Sure, you may be immortal, but how long does it take your
> body to heal after I beat the hell out of you so you are reduced to
> pulp? Imagine healing up from -50000 hitpoints, being unable to
> move, look, or do anything. I wonder how great they would think
> immortality was once I got done with them... maybe I'm just twisted,
> but I though it would be an interesting thing to add *grin*. Now add
> in limb based combat with the chance to sever limbs.

I like.  One could do very interesting and even surprising (to
players) things with this that add real game value.  Other

  Immortality removes all identifying marks, and/or renders the
subject's body either nondescript, or instantly identifiable as _an_
immortal, just not which.

  Immortality immediately stops all significant game advancement
progressions.  You skills will/won't decay, but they also won't get
any better.  You can still advance in levels, but you're stuck in time
at the instant you went immortal.

  Immortals can't communicate via PAGE or other across-the-land

  Immortal characters record/log everything they see and do, and this
record can be queried by any other player that meets them, with the
record being played back without acquiring the immortals consent.

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