[MUD-Dev] Re: processors

Quzah Quzah
Sat Jan 30 23:38:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

From: diablo at best.com <diablo at best.com>

>J C Lawrence wrote:
>> diablo <diablo at best.com> wrote:

>Could someone like yourself, or someone similarly erudite about such
>matters speed things up by recoding? Probably, but there's a lot of code,
>and probably a _lot_ that needs doing. We'll certainly try to do it, but
>we will also be buying the fastest processor we can afford. I know it goes
>against the programmers ethic to dismiss a problem by saying "buy more
>memory" or "buy a new processor" but I've committed worse sins I suppose
>(though my new coder starts foaming at the mouth everytime I
>suggest it. I'm a little frightened that upgrading instead of optimizing 
>will kill him.)
>> Unfortunately this whole area is a bit of an art.  Very very tiny
>> changes made to systems can have massive performance returns (or
>> penalties).
>In that case, consider me the Thomas Kincaide of programming.

Your code look like there's a bonfire in its windows? *grin* Sorry, I
couldn't resist that one. Yes it's off topic, but have you ever really
looked at a Thomas Kincaide painting? Notice the windows. Every single
window of every single structure he has ever painted looks like there
is a roaring boinfire in the building. Have you ever seen a structure
that was so bright inside? *grin*


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