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> but running any codebase at
>all responsibly makes us brothers in arms of a sort.

See, that's my whole point. It's that additional word "responsibly" that
makes us brothers in arms. I could give a damn whether you do or have or
might run a MUD. Running a MUD means nothing. What MUD you run means
nothing. What matters to me is whether you're a reasonably intelligent and
responsible person.

If someone from this list were to show up on my MUD, my reaction and
response would be based a lot more on who they were and what they had said
than it would be on the fact that they just happen to run a MUD. Long ago, I
used to extend a level of courtesy to other SysOps on my BBS. Do you run a
BBS? You do! Which one? What's the number? Here, you're a fellow SysOp, you
may have unlimited download privileges and you are automatically approved to
post in the moderated SysOps conference.

Then I started to catch more and more people lying, so I started to verify
the board by calling it before granting guest SysOp privileges. And I
started to see that even the people who WEREN'T lying were running
short-term boards that seemed to be up only for the purpose of getting guest
SysOp bennies on other boards. So I had to make a decision. Was I going to
evaluate every SysOp who showed up and give him a thumbs up or thumbs down?
Nope. I discontinued guest SysOp privileges.

And the overall average quality of MUD imms is certainly a good deal lower
today than the quality of BBS SysOps was in 1990.

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