[MUD-Dev] Re: State of the art?

##Make Nylander thenewt at use.usit.net
Tue Feb 16 12:34:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

[Original message sent by Caliban Tiresias Darklock]
| It is debatable whether the internal game system itself is relevant. Given
| the general resistance to Race/Class/Level systems these days, is the RCL
| form of character definition and advancement eligible for state of the art?
| Would other people, like myself, feel somehow embarrassed to be part of a
| community that -- if such a system were indeed state of the art -- really
| has never done better than the D&D set released in 1973?

	Why bother? Sure, you can try to run a fancy restaurant,
	but if all the people want is McDonald's you're soon out
	of business. You can set up your own burger franchise,
	offer onion rings instead of fries, put a couple of
	ethnic dishes on the menu and replace cheddar with
	cottage cheese, but what makes you money is still the
	same ol' meat patty. :)

I never regret my failures, but I regret every missed opportunity.

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