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Robert Woods apathy42 at mindless.com
Thu Feb 18 18:44:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Matthey Mihaly wrote:

>I don't think permadeath works in a system where it is possible (and where
>it is desirable, due to a lack of "justice"-type measures) to easily kill
>someone, however. Nevertheless, in a permadeath system where both death
>and murder have huge consequences, I think you'd end up with some quite
>interesting politics, subtle manouvering, etc. I'm talking off the top of
>my head, but I can imagine a properly-executed permadeath game being much
>more "realistic", which in this sense is desirable I think. Real-life
>politics and intrigue are very interesting primarily because there is such
>a risk involved in attempting to murder someone, that very rarely do
>conflicts degenerate into seeing who has the biggest guns around. A
>weakness in my world (to my mind) is precisely that...conflicts almost
>inevitably, and quickly, end by seeing who can kick whose ass. Things are
>slowly moving away from that a bit, due to implementation of various
>measures, but it's always going to be a part of Achaea. While I like a
>good fight, I would prefer more intrigue and subtlety, and this is what I
>think a permadeath system assists with.

That would be the largest argument for a permadeath MUD in my opinion.  It
would increase player vs. player interaction on a level other than straight
combat (either pkill/psteal, casting spells to help a player kill a monster,

Personally, what I think I would do in trying to implement a permadeath mud
is allow newbies to be able to learn the MUD and get up to a certain level
before being vulnerable.  That way, people can explore and figure out what's
going on before some nasty mob (or player) comes up and kills them out of
the blue and they have to start all over.  Once they reach a certain level
of power, they get a message which tells them that their next death will be
permanent.  By that time, they should at least have a bit of power, have
been able to make some alliances, whether through friendship, common
guilds/clans/etc., or whatever, and have an idea of how everything works.
Of course, I've always been a big protector of newbies, anyway :-)

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