[MUD-Dev] Re: State of the art?

David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Mon Feb 22 11:03:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On 2/19/99, at 10:16 PM, J C Lawrence wrote: 

>player activity.  There are several immediate examples by reputation
>(eg Discworld) that never made it in terms of player base however.
>There are a few (precious few) that did both, and I'd be interested in
>what others think cuts this grade.

I am not sure, are you saying Discworld has not been successful?  It
averages over 100 online players these days, which is about all out net
connection can handle anyway, unless we move the machine from one of our
admin's work.  We have some pretty usage graphs too:
It is interesting to see the progression over the years...

>Too much difference and the unfamiliarity drives off the players.  Too
>little and you're automatically an also-ran.

This is true, which is why basing yourself on a well known theme works
really well.  Although by far and away the biggest draw to Discworld has
been word of mouth.  Most people I talk to online have found the game
through someone else that was already playing.  Some of them found it via
web searches for Discworld or Pratchett, but they are in the minority.

Being defensive, but fluffy anyway,

PS Hope you all celebrated World Cabbage Day on Feburary the 17th.

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