[MUD-Dev] How to support 1000+ simultaneous connections, and some philosophy.

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Tue Mar 9 22:03:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

I think this has probably been discussed before, but I've just
lately really thought about implementing it.  The issue is the
maximum number of sockets (file descriptors) open per process.

It looks like you'd want one program sitting on your well known
port, accepting connections.  It could be attached to the 'real'
server via a single socket or pipe.  A trivial packet encapsulation
with a unique ID as far as the main server is concerned should
work just fine.

However, I wonder what to do when the accepting server on the
well known port is full?  One thing would be for it to quit
listening and spawn a new process on that well known port?

That works for a while, but then how do you re-use this detached
server when it's load goes down again?

Anyone know how Apache does it?

Btw, as an observer of human behavior, I don't understand, but
think it is significant, that as soon as the dev-mud project came
online, there was a rash of implementation detail posts, and then
almost silence on both groups.  Books have been written about
the outcome of clashes between a fantasy realm, and a 'real' realm.
I think that is what we saw played out before our eyes.  The high
fantasy of imaginary realms, features, and lofty goals collided
mightily with databases, language choice, and the ugly details of
reality.  After a huge amount of sparks, both lie almost in a coma.

Am I being too melodramatic?  Did I just get dropped from the lists? :)

Anyway, good cheer to all,

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