[MUD-Dev] How to support 1000+ simultaneous connections, and some philosophy.

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Wed Mar 10 19:53:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Chris Gray wrote:
> [Ben Greear:]
>  >Anyone know how Apache does it?
> Some form of handing the new connections to the child processes? You
> can do this with either BSD-style or SYSV-style sockets. That way the
> original server process can keep track of how many clients each child
> is serving, and try to balance them. You need some mechanism, like
> maybe a shared memory segment, whereby the child processes can tell
> the master when connections go away.

I don't mind researching and reading man pages, but could you give
me some hints as to how this is done?  Does it involve forking?
Something special to do with sockets?  How does the handoff occur?


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