[MUD-Dev] How to support 1000+ simultaneous connections, and some philosophy.

Petri Virkkula pvirkkul at iki.fi
Fri Mar 12 06:18:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Greear <greear at cyberhighway.net> writes:

Ben> You overlook a detail.  You have to recompile or otherwise tweak your OS
Ben> to get 1000 clients.  However, your plan is still valid for the real max
Ben> of somewhere below 256 (in most cases.)

	That depends on your operating system. Linux seems to have
	per process hard limit 256, in Solaris we have currently 1024
	(which is the default value), used to have 16384 (that can
	easily achieved by editing /etc/system and rebooting) but Sun's
	license manager didn't like that value. I have an impression
	(but I might be wrong) that atleast in Solaris there is no per
	system hard limit at all, only per process limit. I wouldn't
	be suprised if Linux had a fixed per system hard limit.


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