[MUD-Dev] How to support 1000+ simultaneous connections, and some philosophy.

Jay Carlson nop at mitre.org
Fri Mar 12 08:53:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

J C Lawrence writes:

>   More intelligent DNS load balancers maintain an arbitration system
> with the nodes they represent, and assign new tasks to least-loaded
> nodes.  There are also many other forms of load balancing, encluding
> supports that actively migrate processes across nodes to ensure aven
> loading (IRIX does a bit of this in their CC:NUMA machines).

And there are load balancing solutions beyond DNS.  You can set up a
router-like box at a published IP address that does TCP port/address
rewriting to transparently spread inbound requests across a farm of internal
private IP addresses.  Cisco's LocalDirector
 http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/751/lodir/ ) does this.  I think it's just
a matter of time before somebody gets motivated enough to add the necessary
support to Linux's IP Masquerading code---it's most of the way there


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