[MUD-Dev] Re: pet peeves

Benjamin D. Wiechel strycher at toast.net
Mon Mar 15 10:35:27 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Once upon a time, you too were a newbie.  Be that a newbie
player, or a newbie coder, at one point, you too were the
freshly exposed.  And at some point, you opted to take the
time to gain more knowledge, and improve your abilities.

Today, the arrogance of mud and/or game admins seems to
be quite striking, that they would turn away conversation
so quickly and easily, without thought or concern that this
person could be a valuable resource -- simply because they
either are a newbie, or lacked the tact to be able to seduce
your interest appropriately.

Though I myself am not perfect, I do remember my days as
a beginning player, followed by my days as a beginning
LP coder.  Were it not for the more experienced that had
passed before me, I may still be struggling with basic concepts,
instead of being a well-ranked coder.

It is easy to discount the abilities and knowledge of another
because they do not live up to your mark instantly, but perhaps
that mark is there because of your own arrogance and lack
of self-confidence.

We are all students, and sometimes the person you learn
the most from is your own student.

Benjamin D. Wiechel
strycher at toast.net

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