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>So my question is something that sort of overlaps material that is in the
>FAQ, but not really. What do you think are the most important and/or
>influential muds, and why? What contributions did they make to the state of
>the art, or what significant muds owe a lot to them?

I have a selection to nominate:

Nightmare, which I believe is still run by George Reese.  Nightmare provided
a codebase for many MudOS muds to build from, and has a long history in
the LP world.

Genesis, currently run by Mercade (and others).  Mercade did much of the
code and design work for the CDLIB 1.0 lib by my understanding.

Synergy (synergy.org:2000), currently owned and run by Flamme and Cygnus,
primary driver dev/test for the official CDLIB driver these days.  Cygnus was
involved in the MudOS driver years ago, and currently does the current
driver dev with Plugh.

LPCC (long since gone), this mud was a launching platform for many muds
and coding projects.  LPCC stands for the LPC Centre, and once existed
in the UK, run by Garion and Sisquatch.  It was one of the original Amylaar
sites, and one of the original Amylaar-intermud capable muds.

Ancient Anguish, which amazingly enough, seems to still be around.  IIRC,
this mud was in danger of disappearing forever, until its players and coders
came up with the cash to drop and buy their own box to run the mud on.

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