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Mon Mar 15 18:59:17 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, B. Scott Boding wrote:

> a self-expanding universe, but I've never had the time to build something like
> that. Has anyone toyed with that concept?
> 	-Scott

An idea I once had was to sort of set borders on all of the outer areas of
the mud. Whenever a player decided to cross that border thus entering the
"wasteland" , the "forbidden zone", or "unexplored terror" (you get the
point) he/she find themselves in a random area. 

The random area could be generated in tons of different ways. The idea I
thought would be cool would be to have the mud generate a 20x20 grid area
in memory and use static descriptions/mobs/objects. The statics could be
of different types. Marsh, desert, jungle, tundra, etc. Then as the
character reached the exit of the area (if one was created) then a new
random area could be created.

The player can still find its way back because the area is still in
memory. Then after certain periods of inactivity the areas could be freed
and the next area will be random. 

You could even go as far as to setting up oaises about five to ten areas
deep into the wastelands. Self-expanding to a point. More like

Sorta OT: I once had an idea a shadowrun based mud I was working on. To
get down to it, everything was based on a x,y,z coordinate system.
1) A big mean assassin blows up a building.
2) After everything settles the y part of the building is obviously gone.
3) So along come some dwarf construction guys to rebuild the building.
4) First x,1,z is built with the descriptions of the first floor of the
building. Using the descriptions from the original player file.
5) Next x,2,z ... x,N,z.
6) Once the building was rebuilt the mobs would begin repopping in it.

Example2: Using the handy dwarven construction workers function an admin
could create a building on an empty lot.
1) admin types 'create buildingX 40,40 50,50 30'
2) the mud processes this as 
    building type X
    corner 1 = 40,40 
    corner 2 = 50,50
    30 floors
    10 basement floors ( a third of above ground floors )
3) the dwarves go to work and spend a day or two realtime actaully
building the structure.
4) the descriptions would be created corrosponding to the building type.
   building_hospital, building_bank, building_firestation, and so forth.
5) the mobs/objects are the same way.
6) the admin could then go in and tweek the descriptions and mobjects.

These kind of creating a Semi-Self-Expanding universe. Hehehe.

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