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>On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Matthew D. Fuller wrote:
>> One of my big beefs with this course is the power differentials it gives
>> you.  To make your 'older' players go for it, you either have to make it
>> attractive to them (more power), or force them into it (which just isn't
>> going to fly).  As you keep adding more tiers, you have to increase the
>> power at each tier.  So you end up with this massive different between a
>> 'level 1' who happens to be a '15th mort/gen/tier/whatever', and even a
>> 'level 10' on their 1st time through, to the point that the 'old' player
>> can be linkdead, and the 'new' player can be an excellent tactician, and
>> the 'new' player will still get utterly slaughtered.  Is that necessarily
>> bad?  No, because the 'older' player has been there, put in the time, and
>> earned their power.
>Is this seriously the case in most muds? A linkdead player can actually
>win against someone who isn't linkdead? *boggle*. I don't see how this is
>possible, unless you're assuming that all muds use auto-combat (which,
>thankfully, is not the case).

In CDLIB, combat was intentionally designed so that if someone went
link-dead during combat that combat would not stop, to prevent someone
from using it as a cheat to get out of combat and keep from dying.  Before
players can quit, they must stop all combat.  CDLIB does use an automated
combat sequence.


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