[MUD-Dev] Mass Creation OLC Functions (idea from Elder Games)

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> You (the server) don't have to decide that fact until the last
> possible instant -- when some event occurs that requires the key
> to be identified, such as an identify spell or trying the key in
> Castle Krak's lock (works?  Key to Krak.  Doesn't work?  Key can
> be anything _except_ Krak).

> This of course also allows your code to attempt to "direct
> history" by instantiating suitable objects at "interesting" times.

The really cute stuff also starts entering when players become aware
of this tendency for serendipity, and attempt to amnipulate it
constructively.  This becomes particularly interesting if you also
mix in some concept of probability fields or "luck":

  "Hey I have that old rusted hey that I've never bothered to figure
out what its for, and I seem to be kinda lucky today -- certainly
everything seems to be going my way -- so instead of trying the key
on Krak (which isn't worth much) and maybe having it turn into
*that* key, instead I'm going to go try it on the Fabled Treaasure
Chest.  That way I can spend my luck on the key where its really
useful, rather than on poor old Krak.

Ergo, players start deliberately ordering their actions in attempt
to manipulate their "lucK' and the realisation of ur-objects into
normal-objects.  Voila!  Ritual, practice and superstition instantly
supported and encouraged by code in a non-deterministic manner.

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