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>My totally uneducated guess would be that a response like hoarding would
>arise from the far greater danger of the virtual world (I presume UO or
>something like, in this case). In the real world, most of our lives are
>pretty dull, compared to those in virtual worlds. So, we don't live them
>in a continual state of panic, wariness and constant preparedness. If
>we did, we'd likely do more hoarding. For example, my understanding is
>that one of the possible secondary problems of the Y2K hullabaloo is
>that people will get scared and start hoarding supplies, thus resulting
>in temporary shortages before the event, and surpluses after it.
Actually, I propose that some people hoard so that others cannot
have.  I've been known to do this myself when running as a mortal.
It makes the game interesting when you can hoard the Sword of
Ultimate Killing, the Axe of Truth, and the Armour of Godly Invincibility.
Then, when Bubba goes to get them, he's out of luck, and kindof
miserable and upset.

There are a lot of motivations I've seen behind hoarding, but a lot
of what seems to make hoarding possible is the creation of what
has previously been described as a faucet->drain economy, which
according to previous discussions, is difficult, if not impossible, to
balance.  Most muds seem to run off of this style economy.

On the other hand, if resources are limited, and you have a fixed
economy, and players are not expecting it, you can desolate the
world rather quickly I would imagine.  I believe this may have
happened to UO or M59 once IIRC from previous mailings.

>Me, I might stock up on chocolate bars, turn my computer off, and sit
>and watch TV.
Sounds like a plan, your place or mine? ;)


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