[MUD-Dev] Critiquing Muds

Koster Koster
Thu Jul 8 09:20:50 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

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> On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Koster, Raph wrote:
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> > I think communities can be found in much smaller muds--250 
> is merely a
> > yardsitck for when *subcommunities* will emerge. And I 
> lifted the figure
> > from Richard Bartle. Reference is his article on "Bad Ideas 
> for Multi-Player
> > Games," where it is tossed off as part of Bad Idea #1:
> > 
> That number is way too big. We don't get more than 90 players on
> simultaneously,

I think Richard uses it as a number of simultaneous logins, in his context,
but I mean total playerbase...

>  and there is no question we have 
> subcommunities. They are
> generally organized along political lines. For instance, 
> rarely, if ever,
> would you even see members of the Church socializing with 
> Occultists. They
> despise each other, and it carries over into any ooc socialization. I
> suspect the reason for this in a relatively smaller game is 
> the game is
> structured to be mainly PvP, and the political organizations are
> structured so as to have opposing goals, requiring conflict, 
> which tends
> to polarize communities.

Yes... in general, though, I was referring to less structured subcommunities
with more divergent interests. A classic example would be the PvPers and


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