[MUD-Dev] Critiquing Muds

Michael Willey Michael.Willey at abnamro.com
Fri Jul 9 15:40:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On 7/9/99 3:04 PM, Marion Gryphon (gryphon at iaehv.nl) wrote:
>Which is exactly my point.  By killing a character on an RP mud
>much more is lost to the player (in terms of investment). The
>more this firewalling applies the harder it is to overcome. In a
>game with a fairly loose separation between IC and OOC it is
>easier to create a new character and to integrate it with the old
>group. In a game where the mores requires complete separation
>between player and character this is almost impossible.
>The player is forced to start entirely anew, create a new
>character, new networks of contacts and friends, new involvements.
>Hence my remark that under such circumstances non-consensual
>killings are much more rude.

Isn't there a paradox there?  Consent and rudeness are out-of-
character concerns, and firewalling would mean that these OOC
concerns shouldn't affect the actions of characters in the game.
So firewalling would make non-consensual killing a more rude act,
but it would also mean that the consideration of OOC rudeness
wouldn't affect the behaviour of the killer.

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