[MUD-Dev] GM Touring Company

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Tue Jul 13 19:17:47 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, Ling wrote:

> Hi guys,
> What would you think a group of GM's (in the P&P sense) going around to
> different muds running scenarios?  I envisage something like Larry Niven's
> Dream Park series, one GM with a bunch of helpers who carry out the
> roleplaying and maybe stuff like writing code.
> Technically, I don't think there are many obstacles unless the GM had some
> really ambitious ideas that could only be carried out by modifying the
> codebase/mudlib/core.  The main roadblock is political, this Company would
> need to have access to stats, mud internals and so forth for the special
> effects.  That would mean maybe a couple weeks of having to put up with
> total strangers tearing up your mud and poking their noses everywhere.
> Maybe after 6 months and a few good shows, this Company will gain a rep
> for themselves and become an attraction in itself but the initial foot in
> the door is going to be a hard one.  Anyway, this appeals to me coz it
> allows a grand tour of the mudding universe as a businessman. :)  Shame I
> no longer have time for this sort of thing.

Well, speaking as a commercial admin, there's not a chance in hell we'd
let, much less pay, for anyone to do this. That's not a slight on you or
your company either. It's simply that you can't just come in for a couple
weeks and carry out a scenario. You've got to have an intimate
understanding of the subtleties of a world's political climate, its
history, etc. I can't speak for stockmuds, and I don't really know how
similar they are to each other in those terms, so maybe it work work in
them, though I don't see you making a profit out of stock muds.


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