[MUD-Dev] an idea..wondering if this has been done

Willowreed at aol.com Willowreed at aol.com
Wed Jul 14 23:43:38 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

In a message dated 7/14/1999 11:04:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
greear at cyberhighway.net writes:

>  What do you want to be able to do with this editor?  For example, my
>  Hegemon client gives a point-n-click interface to building the world,
>  ie creating rooms, critters, objects etc.  It also helps with some other
>  areas like script creation...

was looking at MOO programming in particular..the verbs and all.  maybe a 
program that would allow moo-ers to program verbs using a sort of "verb 
wizard."  i am talking about real newbies here....this way they could make 
objects and play with them right off.  

not that this is something that everyone would want, nor is it something that 
wizards would all want or anything.  the idea was crawling in my mind and i 
am curious if such a thing exists :)


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