[MUD-Dev] an idea..wondering if this has been done

Christopher Allen - GM Fangs GMFangs at ASMRB.ORG
Thu Jul 15 11:11:29 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

<Willowreed at aol.com>:
> I have been working with various html editors..and was wondering if there
> a mud/mush/moo editor that would work in the same way....something that
> didn't require a user to have a programming background, something that a
> newbie user would be able to work with..
> not that this idea is viable, nor do i think that this is something that
> even be wanted in the least...

The Skotos mudlib is all edited and administered using a web browser and
HTML forms, and the contents of the database are in XML. We hope to have a
non-commercial version of it available in October.

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