[MUD-Dev] an idea..wondering if this has been done

Christopher Allen - GM Fangs GMFangs at ASMRB.ORG
Thu Jul 15 11:21:36 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

<Willowreed at aol.com>:
> was looking at MOO programming in particular..the verbs and all.  maybe a
> program that would allow moo-ers to program verbs using a sort of "verb
> wizard."  i am talking about real newbies here....this way they could make
> objects and play with them right off.
> not that this is something that everyone would want, nor is it something
> wizards would all want or anything.  the idea was crawling in my mind and
> am curious if such a thing exists :)

It is difficult to do this with verbs that have effects on objects, but we
have created a 'verb editor' using XML for socials in the Skotos lib that
allows a wizard to add quite complex socials.

This is a pre-alpha example, but it give you the idea.

  <verb third="accuses" verb="accuse">
   <form form="AV">
      $Adv $Verb the world of something.
   <form form="AVE">
      $Adv $Verb the world, $(Evoke).
   <form form="AVO">
      $Adv $Verb $OName of something.
   <form form="AVOE"/>
   <form form="V">
      $Verb the world of something.
   <form form="VA">
      $Verb the world of something $Adv.
   <form form="VE">
      $Verb the world, $(Evoke).
   <form form="VO">
      $Verb $OName of something.
   <form form="VOA">
      $Verb $OName of something $Adv.
   <form form="VOAE"/>
   <form form="VOE"/>

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