[MUD-Dev] an idea..wondering if this has been done

David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Thu Jul 15 15:18:13 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On 7/15/99, at 11:21 AM, Christopher Allen - GM Fangs wrote: 

>It is difficult to do this with verbs that have effects on objects, but we
>have created a 'verb editor' using XML for socials in the Skotos lib that
>allows a wizard to add quite complex socials.

Hmmm...  Interesting...

On Discworld I did this instead:
  (pattern "<indirect:any-living>")
  (pattern "<string>")
  (pattern "<string> <indirect:any-living>")
  (pattern "<indirect:any-living> <string>")
      (arguments around on the floor laughing,up into a paper to be
                 up into a ball,over and plays dead,sideways,backwards,
                 professionally,like a spy through an imaginary door,
                 fearfully,tightly,slowly,a joint)
      (self "You roll $arg$.")
      (rest "$mcname$ rolls $arg$.")
       (arguments eyes,own cigarette)
       (self "You roll your $arg$.")
       (rest "$mcname$ rolls $mposs$ $arg$.")
      (self   "You roll over $hcname$.")
      (target "$mcname$ rolls over you.")
      (rest  "$mcname$ rolls over $hcname$.")
      (arguments  quickly,slowly,painfully,excitedly,lovingly,carefully)
      (self   "You roll $arg$ over $hcname$.")
      (target "$mcname$ rolls $arg$ over you.")
      (rest  "$mcname$ rolls $arg$ over $hcname$.")

Where it selects an output pattern based on the argument you give it.  It
also specifies the pattens used to trigger the soul.

Good luck!

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