[MUD-Dev] Technical programming question (circular buffers & logging)

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA
Thu Jul 15 16:15:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

[Greg Miller:]

> Ben Greear wrote:
> > I think I could write my own thing to do this, but I was wondering
> > if anyone knew of any tricks with files, or ready-built libraries
> > to do something like this...

> As I recall you're using UNIX/Linux for your real server? If you could
> reproduce the problem by yourself and have a WinNT box handy, you could
> use the the NT event log, which would do the job for you quite nicely.

'syslog' is the UNIX variant of that. However, I think what Ben wanted
to avoid was any log files of the full stuff, since there are a *lot* of
events happening. So, he wanted just a log of the last N activities.
I've seen N's here range from 100 to a few thousand.

Don't design inefficiency in - it'll happen in the implementation.

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