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Brandon J. Rickman ashes at pc4.zennet.com
Thu Jul 15 18:04:45 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this before.  Looks like all the big names
(yawn) will be there.

- B!

> Date: 7.15.99
> From: Beth Rosenberg (bethr at eyebeam.org)
> Please join us for Eyebeam Atelier's annual forum on technology and
> culture which begins on Monday July 19th.  This year's Online Critical
> Forum is on digital game design and game culture and is called Re:PLAY
> <http://www.eyebeam.org/replay>.  This program is presented by Eyebeam
> Atelier and Tech University of British Columbia.  The forum is primarily
> web-based, but there is an opportunity to subscribe to a condensed
> version of the weeks' topics by emailing: replay at eyebeam.org
> Re:PLAY will unite digital theorists, game developers, media critics,
> computer scientists, scholars, researchers, hackers, and professional
> game players with the public for a five-week intensive debate about the
> past, present and future of games.
> Re:PLAY is directed by Eric Zimmerman, game designer and Professor at
> NYU ITP, and co-moderated by Laura Trippi and Ron Wakkary, Professors of
> Interactive Arts at TechBC.  Participants include John Buchanan
> (Electronic Arts), Grey Costykian (game designer), Chris Crawford
> (Erazmatazz), Dennis "Thresh" Fong (professional gamer), Richard
> Garfield (Magic: the Gathering), Kori Inkpan (SFU), Henry Jenkins (MIT),
> Maria Klawe (University of British Columbia), David Koenig (Gigawatt
> Studios), Frank Lantz (NYU IPT, R/GA), Brenda Laurel (Purple Moon), Marc
> LeBlanc (Looking Glass), Lev Manovich (UC San Diego), Brian Moriarty
> (MPath), Anne Marie Schleiner (artist and curator), McKenzie Wark (media
> and game critic), Johnny Wilson (Computer Gaming World), and Bernie Yee
> (Sony Online).
> http://www.eyebeam.org/replay

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