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Christopher Allen - GM Fangs GMFangs at ASMRB.ORG
Thu Jul 15 22:17:47 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Ling <K.L.Lo-94 at student.lboro.ac.uk>:
> Having had a dalliance with commercial muds, I understand.  I had in mind
> free muds with a strong rp element.  There are plenty of good FtF GMs but
> the skills that make those GMs aren't really used to full effect in most
> muds.  (I admit to being biased towards combat based muds)
> I don't see why not, later on, commercial muds won't start asking such a
> company to play on their grounds.  I imagine damn good professional people
> in the company, not a bunch of kids messing around.  The only contemporary
> example I can think of right now are club DJs that go around doing sets.
> Okay, they spend five minutes, not a few weeks absorbing the atmosphere
> before they stick a record on but you get the idea.  You never know, you
> might get fans that follw this company from mud to mud.  This is just talk
> tho.
> Now, who's willing to get it started? :)

This is precisely the business model we are ultimately going for. It is a
crude comparison, but we sometimes use as our 'elevator speech' that we want
to be the 'ebay between storytellers and storywriters'.

Skotos will have flagship games that will not be heavily moderated, but we
will have many of our associates that will be creating may different types
of games, including those that are of fixed duration (recreating a civil
war) or of short duration and high moderation.

We hope that there will ultimately arise stars of storytelling that people
will pay extra for to be able to play in their game.

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