[MUD-Dev] an idea..wondering if this has been done

Bruce Bruce
Fri Jul 16 12:17:16 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Thursday, July 15, 1999, Christopher Allen wrote:
>The Skotos mudlib is all edited and administered using a web browser and
>HTML forms, and the contents of the database are in XML. We hope to have a
>non-commercial version of it available in October.

Just out of curiosity ...

You say here that the contents of the database are in XML.  Does this mean
that your database is actually storing flat text (XML)?  Or are you storing
structured information that you happen to present in many contexts via XML?

Is this a separate database of information apart from the disk and memory
representations of objects that DGD uses?

At any rate, another question here would be regarding the actual XML
information itself.  A number of people are working on XML-based
representations of world data and so on for MUDs.  Since you are making a
non-commercial version available, are you planning on communicating
beforehand what your DTDs might look like, or will we just have to hear that
they are coming in October? :)

 - Bruce, who will one day have stuff to share after leaving Cold and is in
the midst of a total re-think of the underlying server technologies.

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