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Koster Koster
Tue Jul 20 12:19:48 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

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> Today there's only a tiny handful of commercial muds, and compared to 
> what we'll see in the future, their memberships are tiny and their
> capabilities crude and primitive.  Most of the interesting sorts of
> things like touring troupes that will be viable in the future are not
> viable yet.

Gotta agree with Dr Cat here (which means everyone must solemnly mark the
date on their calendars for history to commemorate as a rare event. ;)

Theater troupes inside the current commercial games, like within ONE game,
are barely viable right now. The ones in UO have had major struggles getting
going, and although there's one now (the Golden Brew Players) that has
established itself and even gets good attendance and has a following, it's
taken two years for them to really become sustainable. Touring to other
servers within UO is certainly beyond their capabilities as yet--touring to
EverQuest or Furcadia is basically an impossibility.

Given time, sure. But not right now.


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