[MUD-Dev] Containing automation?

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Tue Jul 20 15:13:03 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Greg Miller wrote:
> Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> > automate combat in Achaea. If you can create an automated character (FULLY
> > automated) that can beat me (using absolutely no automation) in a fight,
> > I'll pay you $3000 plus however much you spent on your character.
> So you don't object to partial automation at all, but total automation
> is the ultimate evil?

No, the point is that while the automation that is possible in our system
gives the automaters an advantage, it isn't a large one. The two most
capable combatants (myself and another god) can cane any of the players,
without using automation ourselves, whether they are using automation or
not (obviously we're doing it playing mortal characters, not our god
characters *g*). I guess it's good enough for me that you can beat
automaters without automation if you're a good fighter.

> > People use automation for two things, in my experience. 1) doing things
> > they don't like doing due to being repetitive and 2) automating things
> > that they aren't good enough to do without automation. Our combat system
> > falls under the second part. Most people can't think quickly enough to
> > keep up with those who can fight properly, so they get cheesy and use
> > automation.
> #2 alone doesn't completely describe it. People simply won't bother
> with  #2 unless there's something else fun they want to get to by
> automating combat.

Well, unless the fun thing you mean is the thrill of victory, you are
wrong, as people often fight in our Arena, whether nothing can be gained
from winning, except the sheer thrill of it.


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