[MUD-Dev] Containing automation?

Ilya Ilya
Tue Jul 20 15:39:05 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999 13:20:27 -0600 (MDT), Timothy O'Neill Dang wrote:

))Actually, rather than having realistic economics to deter bots, I'm
))looking to deter bots in order to have realistic economics! We're looking
))at creating a game specifically for economic research. I'm concerned about
))bots because the possibility of automating production removes one of the
))main barriers to production--opportunity cost.
))I certainly do plan on having realistic resource constraints, which will
))lead to the dynamic you're talking about of higher costs for making goods.
))This isn't enough, though. For one thing, think about it this way: If I
))leave a blacksmithing bot on all night, I'll eventually wind up pushing up
))the price of raw iron. But I'll push it up for all the folks manually
))working their blacksmiths as well. The manual smiths might be able to
))react more intelligently, but they'll still be forced out of the market.

And why not create the opportunity cost for the 'bot (or anyone else
for that matter) then?  Activity can lead to fatigue, reduced effectiveness,
and enhanced risk of injury.  Activity directed in one way implies activity
not directed in another, and some manner of evaluating the relative profit
or gain involved.  This manner may be trial and error or may require consulting
a lore-like skill.

Other randomizers could help, I think.  Perhaps each step in a multistep
process has factors affecting the quality of outputs, multiplexed with the
various qualities of inputs required.  Skill or knowledge or careful
analysis of the resulting text between steps would be required to optimize
the system, at least partly defeating robotic types.


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