[MUD-Dev] Containing automation?

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Tue Jul 20 17:03:58 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Timothy O'Neill Dang wrote:
> the price of raw iron. But I'll push it up for all the folks manually
> working their blacksmiths as well. The manual smiths might be able to
> react more intelligently, but they'll still be forced out of the market.

Well, this changes everything. My assumption had been that you were
worried about being making huge amounts of cash and skill gains with
bots. What you seem to be describing here is a situation where an
enormously rich player decides to spend it all buying up all the iron
and smithing it at a probable loss. Stopping people who've become bored
with the game and aren't worried about spending all their money is a
more difficult issue.

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