[MUD-Dev] Containing automation?

Koster Koster
Thu Jul 22 09:25:15 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

> On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Katrina McClelan wrote:
> > If the only real cost of manufacture is the time spent 
> typing it, then the
> > economic model is weak.  The real problem here is that 
> players are coming
> > on to play swordsmen and wizards and such.  Some people are content
> > running shops, but most are wanting adventure.  They go to 
> (work|class)
> > every day and lead normal lives, so they come to a MUD for 
> adventure.  If
> > you make specializing in sword making get in the way of 
> learning how to
> > use the weapons, you won't find many people using up their 
> aptitude to
> > make lots of coins off sword production.

I missed the original post, so replying to a reply.

The above is really very dependent on the audience sought, on the scope of
the game, etc. There are lots of mu* players, as Marc noted, that are there
for other things. In final analysis, you can also state that players aren't
there for adventure--they are there for each other. They can get adventure
in a standalone game.

Many gave us the above argument when we were releasing UO. Turned out that a
very significant portion of our playerbase only want to hang out in taverns,
build towns, be blacksmiths, cook pizzas, and other such peaceful tasks. I
think the assumption that muds are for adventuring and that players only
want to adventure is one of the assumptions crippling the development of the


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