[MUD-Dev] Containing automation?

Koster Koster
Thu Jul 22 16:06:05 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

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> On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Marian Griffith wrote:

> > I think the assumption exists because until fairly recently 
> adventure
> > was the only thing you could do on -muds-.  Players had to 
> follow  or
> > find other games. The result was, as you can expect, that 
> only people
> > who want to adventure are found on muds.  Only with games 
> like Ultima
> > Online and Furcadia do we have games that are mud-like but 
> do not ha-
> > ve that exclusion of anything but adventuring and combat.
> This isn't true at all. I haven't played a lot of muds 
> (mainly because I
> don't like stock muds), but Avalon, while fairly focusd on 
> PvP combat, had
> lots of politics and economic stuff. I'm assuming there were 
> some other
> muds out there that also had extra stuff. Clearly stock muds 
> are generally
> very limited in their scope, but all muds are (thank god) not 
> from one of
> the stock code bases (and from what I can see, they're pretty 
> much all teh
> same. Get equipment, bash monsters).

DartMUD and Armageddon (listed in the FAQ) are good examples of muds evolved
from stock code bases that are not solely adventuring-focused. UO and
Furcadia and the like are far from being the first.


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