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Ilya Ilya
Thu Jul 22 16:12:10 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999 01:07:02 -0500, Greg Miller wrote:

))How about a little informal survey... How many have played/seen/used
))systems that incorporate injuries in their combat systems, and what
))advantages/disadvantages have you seen?
Legends of Future Past, one of my all-time favorite games, had this.
This was still running on DOS up until a year or three ago, by the way,
and doing quite well, pay for play.  But I digress.

Anyway, both wounds and overall life were measured, and I thought it
worked quite well.  Life (pretty much identical to HP) could be drained
directly via more-or-less evil magics.  It could also be restored
directly by essentially clerical types.  Death results from sufficiently
low HP, or before that, debilitation, coma, etc.

Most other things that affected HP were combat related (slicing with
a sword, piercing with an arrow, thumping with a blunt instrument, etc)
or general damage (from a fall, for example).

Most of these types of damage would reduce HP _and_ have some chance
of creating a wound of varying degrees of intensity.  Accumulated
wounds, or very serious ones, would compound your troubles by creating
ongoing HP loss (to represent bleeding).

You basically had to have a doctor to fix up wounds.  If you didn't,
you kept the wounds, which might eventually become scars if not dealt
with soon enough, and would probably result in at least some
functional impairment.  Doctors often learned some of the healing
clerical-type magics to keep people alive while they were mending
their wounds for them, but this was not required.

Doctoring skills allowed you to diagnose and treat wounds, with
long delay times for the more complex ones, or ones for which your
skill was barely adequate.  Some wounds were over the head of 
younger doctors so they simply could do nothing for the sufferer.
If a more experienced doctor wasn't around, they'd usually die
from the wounds.

I think that's about it.  I thought it was a great system.  It 
did not implement anything like limb loss, though it had all the info
needed to do so.  Guess the author just never got 'round to it.


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