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Thu Jul 22 16:40:03 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

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From: Greg Miller <gmiller at classic-games.com>

> I've been messing around with a pure injury system (no hp or anything)
> that allows the player to live until an injury reaches a fatal state. My
> main concern is that players may find it more difficult to keep track of
> their conditions than with a single hit point value. I'm attempting to
> deal with this by prioritizing injuries, allowing players to list
> injuries in order of severity (that is, how soon it'll kill them, if at
> all) and putting the most severe injury's info in their combat prompt.
> Any other ideas to keep it simple and playable?
> --

I am currently working on a system that encapsulates both. Give the player
hit points and assign them to body parts then aim the combat at various
limbs, i.e legs, arms, body etc.. If a limb recieves a certain amount of
damage then it is inoperable. This has a nice side effect for dual wielding
players should one arm fall off, and you should see a player trying to flee
with a leg missing !!

I am also adding in the chance of a critical hit, which would render the
limb completely useless if not severed. The only way to regain the lost
limbs after combat is to visit the surgeon and have them replaced at cost.
Obviously critical hits to the head, i.e severed, result in instant death so
the percentage chance of that happening is very small. Just my 2 cents ...

This has probably been done before, nothing original but makes it a bit more

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