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> 	More of a question playing off the paragraph above.

> What about Mu* games where building _is_ the game?  Is this going
> to appeal to anyone but a small subset of people?

I am tempted to say that, if you ignore UO  (which is a class of its
own anyway) the number of Mush/Mux/Moo players vastly outnumbers the
number of Mud players.  Even if it is not vastly,  it most assuredly
is not a small subset.

> I am currently writing a multiuser system where people come
> together and can collaborativly (or seperately) build things.

> The original plan was to have people build spaceships out of
> building blocks (instead of the common: select hull size N, It has P ports
> for weapons.  It has C cubic metres for cargo.  Select laser etc).  But I
> found building a full spaceship out of such things is a monumental task.

Then start out with a more or less functional ship,  and allow the
players to replace part and extend the design over time.  That way
the game can be played right away and the difficulty can be spread
over time.

> So I have switched to a less ambitious design.  Currently I am
> doing what amounts to virtual legos.  However once I call it a block
> building game (not even invoking the Lego god) it tends to be considered a
> game aimed at a younger audience.  Not that that is bad I just happen to
> want a building game for older people that like to build things.

There are too many people who think that -any- game is strictly for
children. But why bother about naming your game in a particular way
if you can simply ignore it and say it is a 'building game'?

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